Innovative Designs and Patterns in Generative Design with Fusion 360 and Maya

Alex Lobos


Generative Design is transforming the way that products are created by providing design solutions that are efficient, resilient and visually striking. When thinking of “generative design” aesthetics, two approaches are commonly used. The first resembles bones that provide structure with minimal use of material. The second approach uses complex algorithmic patterns, similar to fractal geometries and procedural textures, which can be used as bodies or applied to surfaces.
This class explores easy-to-follow workflows for the creation and combination of structures and patterns in generative design. Efficient structures will be created with Fusion 360’s Generative Design tool. Maya’s MASH tool will be used to create intricate procedural networks, which are then brought into Fusion 360 for further refinement. The use of MASH is a novel and innovative approach, far easier to achieve than other tools such as Dynamo or Grasshopper.

Key Learnings

  • Use Fusion 360 Generative Design to create efficient, lightweight components that meet specific criteria.
  • Use Maya MASH to create procedural, algorithmic patterns and bring them into Fusion for further development.
  • Understand how to easily import/export geometries between Fusion and Maya.
  • Generate innovative models that combine generative design structures with intricate patterns.


Alex is an industrial designer and educator focused in sustainable design, emotional attachment and CAD applications. He is a Visiting Research Fellow on Learning Futures at Autodesk, Expert Elite for Fusion 360, member of Autodesk University’s Advisory Council, AU Featured Speaker and recipient of Fusion 360’s Education Award. Alex is Graduate Director and Professor and Industrial Design at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. For more info go to https//