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BIM Week Pakistan – 2021

July 26, 2021 - July 31, 2021

Live Webinar Series


Pakistan’s AEC industry is under increasing pressure to deliver projects more quickly and cost effective. As a result, AEC firms are in need of evolving their technology more than ever.

BIM Pakistan and ER Solutions has joined hands to host BIM Week Pakistan – 2021, in collaboration with Autodesk, Logicom, CanBIM, BIM Africa, NED-UET and UET Peshawar. This is Pakistan’s 1st large scale BIM specific event. Our Goal is to Increase Awareness & Boost the Understanding to Implementation of BIM in Pakistan and connecting people through BIM Pakistan Platform.

In recent years, the move from CAD to Building Information Modeling (BIM) has accelerated as BIM workflows have proven to deliver many benefits over CAD. BIM has rapidly evolved from a new technology to an accepted standard in many countries, and BIM mandates are becoming common around the world. We would avail the opportunity to learn from guest speakers from CanBIM that how they are implementing BIM in Canada. We will also learn that how BIM Africa made it’s way to implement BIM in their region.

BIM professionals from Pakistan are also joining to speak on implementation of BIM in Pakistan. This event will pave the way to adopt BIM for AEC Industry of Pakistan. Panel discussion will let you participate in live discussion with professionals to discuss problems and solutions of local Industry and its challenges.


               2:00pm-3:00pm PKT, 26th July



BIM technologies and workflows are critical for intelligent infrastructure design and development, leading to many regions across the globe mandating its use. With the acceleration in urbanization, resilient infrastructure is imperative to increase the quality of life of the communities and populations they serve. With BIM providing the digital representation of an asset, integrating GIS provides further insight required for infrastructure delivery. This session will be looking at how Autodesk BIM Technologies & GIS, as well as Reality Capture & IoT, has been used on projects for resilient, sustainable infrastructure.

By Shuaib Yunos

ACI International Speaker from Africa
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               3:30pm-4:30pm PKT, 26th July


How Virtual Reality Can Help AECO Sector in Pakistan

By Dr. Farrukh Arif

Director NED VR Center
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               1:00pm-2:00pm PKT, 27th July


BIM “Business as Usual”


  • BIM Initiative in Pakistan
  • Project Based and Organizational Implementation
  • BIM Based Management and Construction
  • Applied BIM

By Usman Sattar – Masters in BIM

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               4:00pm-5:00pm PKT, 27th July


BIM for Architects


  • Overview of Canadian landscape of BIM
  • Trends
  • Technologies used
  • Methodologies
  • Industry Challenges

By Brent Mauti

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               1:00pm-2:00pm PKT, 28th July


BIM for Infrastructure


  • BIM as foundation to Digital Transformation
  • Autodesk Tools for Infrastructural BIM
  • Decision making and Design Iteration
  • Collaboration and project construction
  • BIM from Concept to Completion and Afterwards

By Syed Tabassum Raza ACP & ACI

ER Solutions (Autodesk Partner)
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               5:00pm-6:00pm PKT, 28th July


BIM for General Contractors


  • Introduction
  • 20 year’s recap if BIM in Canadian Industry
  • Why BIM?
  • BIM at the largest CG in Canada
  • Industry Challenges and What need to change?

By Daniel Doherty

Manager, Operational Support at PCL Construction Management Inc.
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               3:00pm-4:00pm PKT, 29th July


BIM Journey of Africa


  • BIM Africa – Who We Are
  • Unique Peculiarities of Africa
  • Why BIM?
  • A Peek into Africa’s BIM Report 2020
  • Common Barriers to BIM Implementation in Africa – from a BIM Consultant’s viewpoint
  • Untapped Opportunities and Potentials in the African Construction Market/li>
  • Africa’s BIM Journey – The Way-forward

By Onyema Daniel Udeze

BIM Africa
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               3:00pm-4:00pm PKT, 30th July


Implementation of BIM in Pakistan


  • Construction Potential in Pakistan
  • Construction Industry of Pakistan
  • Brief Introduction of BIM
  • Current Industries to Adopt BIM
  • Future Industries to Adopt BIM
  • Way forward for us as Stakeholders

By Dr. Prof. Mohammad Adil

Project Director P&DD KPK
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               4:30pm-5:30pm PKT, 30th July

           BIM Pakistan

Why BIM for Pakistan


  • BIM: Challenges and opportunities in the Construction Industry of Pakistan”
  • BIM Concept/basics/background
  • Case studies for BIM implementation (Malaysia, Turkey)
  • BIM in Pakistan
  • Barriers in BIM implementation

By Dr. Waqas Tanoli

C&W Department KPK
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              1:00pm-2:00pm PKT, 29th July

           BIM Pakistan

BIM for Tunnels and Underground Infrastructure


Why BIM for Tunnels and Underground Infrastructure?
Digital Design, Building and Operation of Underground.
Importance in Relation to Pakistan

By “Dr. Abubakar Sharafat”

PhD Assistant Professor & OIC BIM
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               4:00pm-5:00pm PKT, 29th July

           BIM Pakistan

Panel Discussion

  • Where Pakistan Stands in BIM Implementation
  • Why BIM Should be Implemented
  • Who will Take Steps to Mandate BIM in Pakistan


•Chairman Pakistan Engineering Council •Chairman Engineering Development board •KPK PwD & C&Ws Department •Chairperson NED Civil Department •Chairperson UET Peshawar Civil Department
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