Instructional LED Learning Course

AutoCAD 2D/3D

Advanced Level

By an Autodesk Certified Instructor


It is an advanced level course which gives working knowledge of implementing AutoCAD 2D Designing & 3D Modelling for use in the field of AEC.
This course is not meant for engineering analysis.

Course Contents


Key Learnings

  • Learn how to capitalize on Country Kit automation tools to assist in detailed modeling and drawing production
  • Learn how to effectively use Property Sets to manage asset tagging
  • Learn how to use automation (.NET and VBScript) to develop and assign asset tags based on model data
  • Learn how to create efficient workflows when building Civil 3D models to include owner asset data


  • Courseware from Autodesk, designed specifically to fit your learning needs.
  • Essential trainings/Transition classes/Master Classes/Solution classes.
  • Autodesk Authorized Certificate of Completion of Training that is Worldwide Recognized.
  • Training by Autodesk Certified Instructor.