” ER Solutions continually strives to surpass its clients’ needs and looks forward to finding their solutions for their technological needs. ” Since its formation our company has sought to achieve the highest standards in its work and to utilize the most up to date technology in its designs wherever possible. We understand the importance of keeping our customers working. If you have software problems, we focus on your issues until resolution. ER Solutions doesn’t just handle problems with your software. Our customers also call us to help solve “how-to” questions. Our unique understanding of how to apply the software to real-world design allows us to provide more value to your Autodesk® software purchase than the typical CAD reseller can provide.


The Company was established in August 2006 however the team members are experienced in the field of GIS Mapping, Engineering and Remote Sensing Applications. The company’s mission is to provide to its valuable customers/clients state of the art software solutions and corresponding services to cater to their needs thus aiding in the increase in quality of life of the society in general through an increase in work quality and effectiveness of the Industry (Engineers and Planners).

The Company is supported by World Leading technology providers in Software Industry, like AUTODESK, DIGITAL GLOBE, Geo Eye, INTERGRAPH, and GLOBAL MAPPER


ER SOLUTIONS recognizes that training is one of the best investments in your most valuable asset: your CAD users. ER Solutions provides regularly scheduled training classes for all our authorized products as well as offerings custom training to suite each client’s unique requirements. All of our courseware is certified by the respective manufacturers. Our one-day workshops have been a regular way for our clients to enhance their productivity and skills. Our highest referral business is in our training and workshops. All courses offered are also available as custom courses, utilizing a customized agenda, dates and using customer-specific data.



ER Solutions offers industry-based training services to help you be productive with all your Autodesk® software. Whether you’re a civil engineer needing help with grading practices (Autodesk® Civil 3D 2008) or a Mapper wanting to connect your graphical entities to database records (AutoCAD™ Map 2008), ER Solutions has the resources for you.